Welcome to Industrieofenbau Aue

IOB Aue Sachsen Erzgebirge Härten Glühen Salzbad Normalglühen Anlassen Tempern

Our company is specialized to manufacture industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants. We are offering to our customers individual consultations and elaborate a special concept for each project starting with a 3-D construction, manufacturing, assembling and set in work procedure.

Obviously we will assist you also after sales and guarantee a reliable service.

For our products we are always using technologies according the environmental protection,  technical rules and EU confirmation.

Our service in a overview:


1. technological consultation

2. planning and construction

3. manufacturing and installation

4. assembling and set in work

5. maintenance and service


Please, trust us, we are offering good solutions – also to you.

We Saxonys heat up!

IOB Salz